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You are very busy! And, in most cases, your human resources group (if you have one) is not trained in recruiting, especially for specialized areas . You may have internal recruiters and, if you do, they may be buried with hundreds of resumes from running ads. Or you may be trying to handle the recruiting yourself while trying to manage projects, manage people, and also contribute to the projects! Or maybe you need a contractor, or several contractors, to get you through a busy project or hold you over until you have the ability to hire someone on a permanent basis.

6 Degree Search Inc is an independent and specialist agency and , we have the freedom to provide a personal service to our employers, giving the time necessary to fully understand your requirements

At 6 Degree Search you will work with an experienced Account manager who has worked as a contract engineer or designer in your specific industry before they transitioned into recruitment. By working with one of our experienced account managers who have hands on expertise to assess your specific requirements they will be able to match your company up with the highest quality candidate for your assignment, Which will be beneficial to you and the employee.

Generally, recruiting firms have two services, Contract Services and Permanent Placement. We offer these services and much more, as outlined below.

Contract Services

Contract Services give you the ability to hire an individual on a contractual basis while they are being carried on the recruiting firm’s payroll. This service is an advantage when you need project-based help, temporary help during a busy season, or when you are not yet able to hire a permanent person. Contract For Hire services offer you the ability to start an individual on contract and later hire them as a permanent employee. Fees for Contract and Contract for Hire vary from firm to firm – and can vary a lot!

Permanent Placement

The most important service a recruiting firm should bring to the table is that of saving you TIME. In most companies, the hiring manger is usually a well-paid team lead, manager, or executive with specific talents and abilities – which is why they were hired! More often than not, these individuals are not experts at hiring. Every bit of time these individuals spend on hiring takes them away from the real job they were hired to do – which costs you money. Money is lost in hours spent away from the job, projects can be delayed, employees can wind up stressed and overworked. When a recruiting firm is doing their job, your hiring managers should end up with a few highly qualified and tightly screened individuals that will meet your needs.

Strong Relationships & Respect for your Time!

6 Degree Search’s philosophy is simple: it’s all about strong relationships! This business has been built on relationships that have grown through open communication, quality services, ethical dealings, and respect for time. We understand that hiring is not the only job most managers have – yet it can turn into the most time-consuming. Through strong relationships, we strive to understand clients’ needs – not only the specific position requirements, but also the personality, the culture, the hiring process, and the economics. As a result, we are able to screen candidates so that you have several to choose from – any of whom could do the job, fit the requirements, and fit into your culture! And, in the process, your time can be spent on your job versus going through stacks of resumes or hundreds of e-mails.

Quality Screening and Ethical Standards

Our services are grounded in quality screening and ethical standards. Therefore, when you receive a resume, you can rest assured that the candidates are being represented with a truthful description of what they bring to the table as well as in areas that they may be need improvement. You will also know what their requirements are so there are no surprises later.

Unbiased Representation

Part of screening is also talking to potential candidates about your company. As a third party, we are able to represent your company in an unbiased way, allowing candidates to ask questions and get to know your culture, your personality, and your business – from more than just your Web site or reputation. This is also an asset during negotiations. Though our fees are paid by clients, it is very important to us that EVERY placement is a quality placement. Therefore, we will be of any assistance we can with salary negotiations, negotiating sign-on bonuses or relocation assistance and understanding what is most important to both parties in order to find common ground.

One-Stop Shop

Because we offer a variety of services (Permanent, Contract, Contract for Hire) for NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL markets as well as for a variety of specialties (information technology, engineering, sales, and product development), we offer the ability to be a one-stop shop for all of your company’s employment needs.